994 Special Topic: Renewing Socialism (2010-2011)

Sep 8 2010 - 12:30pm

994 Special Topic for 2010-2011 Academic Year:  Renewing Socialism for the 21st Century: Alternatives to Capitalism and How to Get There

This is a year-long seminar/series (counting for 900-level-seminar credit) organized by sociology graduate students in conjunction with the Havens Center.

The requirements for this seminar are distinct from those described for Soc 994: VSP Colloquium. Students may enroll under either set of requirements, but not both. See below (and the attached syllabus) for more details about the special topic course.

During the 2010-11 Academic Year, eight different visiting lecturers will come to Madison to speak on the theme of Socialism for the 21st Century. Please see the attached syllabus, or the poster image above, for the schedule of visiting scholars. Each visitor will be in residence for 3-4 days during which time they will give two lectures (Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, 4-5:30) and lead an open seminar discussion on Thursday, 12:20-2:00. All of these events will be open to the public.

Students who would like to get sociology department seminar credit (three credits that count for the 900-level-seminar requirement) for  participating in the seminar should enroll in Sociology 994 and opt for taking: 1 credit during the fall and 2 credits during the spring; 2 credits during the fall and 1 credit during the spring; or 3 credits during the spring. Students interested in receiving credit for the seminar must inform us at renewingsocialism@gmail.com as soon as possible, before classes commence in the fall.  

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